How to Measure Ring Size
[When Measuring with Your Finger]

<What you need to prepare >
A strip of paper (some string), ruler, pen, cellophane tape

1. Wrap the paper around the thickest part of the finger you want to measure
The thickest part depends on the shape of your finger
It will be easier to measure if you fix it with cellophane tape
Wrap it tightly around your finger

2. Mark the overlapped area with a pen
You can measure more accurately by writing with a thin pen

3. Measure the length between the marks and compare it with the "finger circumference" in the size chart
Sizing may vary slightly depending on the design
If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.


【 Measure a Ring You Already Have 】

Measure the diameter of your existing ring and check from the table below.
We recommend that you measure accurately with a ruler.
(Japanese size)



【 Pro Tips for Measuring 】

The wide design feels tighter than the normal ring size, so it may be better to choose a size larger than 0.5 to 1. (Japanese size)

Since the size of the finger varies slightly depending on the time of day (due to swelling, etc.), it is recommended to measure twice in the morning and evening.

This is only a guideline, so if you want to check the exact size, you can measure it at our store. Please feel free to come by.